02_Regulations on organization of the AGM
03_Report of the BOD on 2016 operation and 2017 direction
04_Report of the BOM on business activities in 2016 and direction for 2017
05_Report of Supervisory Board
06_Proposal on Remuneration for BOD, BOS in 2017
07_Proposal on resignation of member of BOD
08_Proposal on Approval of 2016 audited FS and selection of auditing firm
09_2016 Audited Financial Statements (Summary)


Collect shareholders’ opinions in writing

Documents to be sent to shareholders

- Proposal to shareholders regarding establishment of a bank 100% owned by Vietcombank in Laos
- Draft Resolutions to the general shareholders' meeting of JSC Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam
- Ballot

AGM Minutes
AGM Resolution

02_Regulations on organizing the meeting
03_Report of the Board of Directors
04_Report of the Board of Management
05_Report of the Supervisory Board
06_Proposal on the remuneration for the Board of Directors, Supervisory Board
07_Proposal on the profit distribution plan in 2015
08_Proposal on the capital increase in 2016 by bonus share issuance and private placement
09_Summary consolidated financial statements


02_Regulation on organizing the AGM 2015
03_BOD Report
04_BOM Report
05_BOS Report
06_Proposal on Profit distribution plan
07_Proposal for BOD, BOS remuneration
AGM Minutes
AGM Resolution

2014 Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting

02_Regulations of the Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting 2014 (Draft)
03_Proposal on the resignation of member of BOD
04_Proposal on the resignation of member of BOS
05_Regulations on supplementary election of members of BOD for office term 2013-2018 (Draft)
06_Proposal on the supplementary election of members of BOD for office term 2013-2018
07_Proposal on the amendment of the Charter of Vietcombank
08_Proposal on the amendment of the Regulations on the organisation and operation of the BOD
09_Proposal on the merger of one credit institution into Vietcombank


2E Regulation on oganizing the AGM 2014
3E_BOD Report
4E_CEO Report
5E_BOS Report
6E_Proposal on 2013 profit distribution plan
7E_Proposal on the remuneration for BOD, BOS in 2014
8E_Proposal on the charter capital raising plan in 2014
8E_Plan of charter capital raising in 2014
9E Proposal on the amendment of VCB Charter
AGM resolution
AGM minutes


02_Regulations on organizing the AGM 2013_draft
03_Report of BOD on activities in 2012 and directions for 2013
04_Report of BOD on the activities in office term 2008-2012 and plan for office term 2013-2018
05_Report on the business activities in 2012 and plans for 2013
06_Report of the Supervisory Board on the activities in 2012 and plans for 2013
07_Proposal on Amendment of Charter
08_Regulations on election of members of BOD, office term 2013-2018 - draft
09_ Proposal on election of BOD 2013-2018
10_Regulations on election of members of BOS, office term 2013-2018 - draft
11_Proposal on election of BOS 2013-2018
12_Proposal on 2012 profit distribution plan
13_Proposal on remuneration of BOD, BOS
14. Proposal on list of audit firms
AGM Minutes
AGM Resolutions


Agenda of 2012 Annual Shareholders' general meeting
Regulation on organizing the 5th Annual general Shareholders meeting
Report of the Board of Directors
Report on business performance of 2011 & directions for 2012
Report of Supervisory Board
Regulation on election of the additional member of the Board of Directors
The approval of the profit distribution plan for the year 2011
Remuneration for the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board in 2012
Proposal in principle on establishment of the subsidiaries
Proposal on international bond issuance
Proposal on the listing of state owned shares at VCB
Submission on resignation and supplementary nomination of members of BOD
Report on the result of paying out stock dividends in 2010 and issuing new shares to the foreign strategic investor in 2011